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The database user is an access created specifically only for the database. Just like how our cPanel had an account login and password, so does our database. The level of access is as follows: WHM > cPanel > Database User > Website User (An FTP User can access the files on the server but not […]

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A database is a collection of data that is accessed, managed and updated electronically. This is usually organized in rows, columns, and tables for easy reading. Before even setting up your website, it will need a database to store its information. Information that your site might need to hold like the website users, page data, […]

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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is the term used for transferring files across networks. Your website is basically a bunch of files that have been stored on a server and sometimes you may need to access, edit, or move those files. This is where an FTP account for your cPanel will come in […]

If your website uses WHM (Web Host Manager) then we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how you can setup a package to create your website cPanel. Simply follow the steps below! STEP 1 Login to your WHM account STEP 2 In WHM create a Package under: > Packages > Add a Package STEP 3 Give […]