Setup an FTP Account in FileZilla (Client)

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FileZilla is a free tool to help developers access via FTP.

As mentioned in the previous article, Your website is basically a bunch of files that have been stored on a server and sometimes you may need to access, edit, or move those files. This is where an FTP account access can be setup in FileZilla; preferably using TLS. TLS stands for Transport Layer Security which is a form of encryption that helps secure the file transfer. Follow the steps below to set this up!

FileZilla is a free FTP tool. Make sure to use the Client version.



Open up FileZilla (Client)


Go to File > Site Manager

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You will get a pop up of the Site Manager. Near the bottom left, click New Site. This will automatically add to your list of FTP and give it a name. To make it easier for you, give it the website’s name.

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If you have not set up an FTP Account yet, make sure to follow these steps. You would need access to the account cPanel. If you already have your FTP details then fill the settings appropriately.

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Host: (The host is your domain with “ftp.” in front of it.)

Port: 21 (FTP is usually on port 21 but you can leave this blank as well.)

Encryption: User explicit FTP over TLS if available (Keep it secure)

Logon Type: Normal (You can set to “ask for password” if you don’t want it to save your password but otherwise “Normal” is fine.)

User: the FTP username you setup earlier

Password: the FTP password you setup earlier


Hit Connect and this should connect you to the website home directory and you can begin setting up your website! NOTE: if your domain is pointing to a different server then your FTP will not work.

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