Setup a Package in WHM

If your website uses WHM (Web Host Manager) then we've provided a step-by-step guide on how you can setup a package to create your website cPanel. Simply follow the steps below!


Login to your WHM account


In WHM create a Package under: > Packages > Add a Package

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Give it a PACKAGE NAME. If you want to make it easier on yourself, just match the package name to the domain name.

Eg. if your website domain is “” then name your package “example”. The system might automatically put a prefix of your account name and your package will end up as: accountname_example



Fill in your Resources. You can start this small and upgrade it if you need more. Here’s an example starting point:

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Disk Quota

This may need upgrading later if your website gets bigger

This should never be more than the disk quota

One is enough unless you have more people that need to access via FTP. Make sure you keep track of this though!

If they have a different email provider, this doesn't matter but start with 3 as the more emails, the more storage space the client requires. Setting these to unlimited does not mean you will never run out of disk space, it just means your emails will continue to eat up the disk space even after there is no space left and your site may go down. Try and recommend good email archiving practices.

For a simple website you will only need one but if you are setting up a larger type of website that requires multiple databases then set this accordingly.

For a simple website you won’t really need these unless they specifically need a subdomain,parked domain, or addon domain. Adjust this accordingly if this is the case. Sometimes these will need a database so you will have to make sure your database limit will account for this.


Leave everything else at default and ADD

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You will get a little indicator that you have successfully created the package.

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Then create an Account under: Account Functions > Create a New Account


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Your account details should have the domain, username and password. This needs to be a valid domain and the username will generate from the domain. You can choose to use the password generator as well to make a secure password or create your own. These will be the cPanel login details for the client if they need it. Email isn't required but you can put an email if you wish.


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Under Package > Choose a Package dropdown > pick the package you had just set up and leave everything else at default. If these are all red it means there is no more space in your hosting and you will need to upgrade it before continuing.



Your cPanel is ready for use! Your account should now have an extra section for this cPanel and you can begin setting up your website! After the success message you can also just hit the “Go to cPanel” button.

Extra note: you can use the package account name and password you have setup to access your cPanel rather than having to log into your main account.

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