Art Styles: A Brief Look

art styles in design and animation

An art style, explained in the simplest of terms, is a description of how an artwork looks. It is the manner in which the artist portrays and expresses their subject matter and vision. Rita Gilbert defines this in Living With Art, stating that

Artistic style is the sum of constant, recurring or coherent traits identified with a certain individual or group.

This is where art movements are derived from. How many art styles are out there? The number of possibilities are endless and can be seen in the canonical history of art through several art movements. It is important for an artist to explore these art styles to expand their knowledge and imagination. This article will briefly explore a few notable art styles that can be identified in today’s artworks.

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Abstract art can be classified as visual poetry in which the artist utilizes colour, shape, form, pattern, lines, and texture to create a composition which may exist with a certain degree of independence from anything realistic. This type of art began in the 1900s with artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Robert Delaunay.

There are a profound number of art styles which currently exist as art movements. Often artists like to experiment and mix several different styles together to create an amazing artwork. It is important for an artist to find a style which works for them. Knowledge of other forms of artistic imagery can expand the imagination and may even help an individual’s creative development.

art styles in design and animation