art styles in design and animation

An art style, explained in the simplest of terms, is a description of how an artwork looks. It is the manner in which the artist portrays and expresses their subject matter and vision. Rita Gilbert defines this in Living With Art, stating that Artistic style is the sum of constant, recurring or coherent traits identified with a certain […]

html css programming brisbane

Is knowing HTML & CSS considered programming? Hypertext Mark-up Language or HTML, is a form of defining the structure of webpages. It is a form of language that gives authors the means to communicate with online browsers. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is also a similar form of language to assist HTML. The difference is that HTML […]

3d animation freelance

Why is there a 3D teapot? Have you ever noticed the render button in 3DS Max is a 3D teapot? Some people have assumed this is because rendering takes so long that the artist would usually leave their computer to render while they go and have some tea. This is certainly a fitting answer to […]

silhouettes in design

Knowing silhouettes and their importance within games Silhouettes are images of an object, person, animal, or scene represented usually in a single black tone. A character designer, whether consciously or subconsciously, will always attempt to create with the use of dominant and peculiar shapes that work well together. A silhouette helps the designer identify these so […]

perspective drawing in art and design

The fundamentals of drawing in perspective Perspective – in the art realm – is a visual representation of a three dimensional object on a flat surface. It provides the illusion of the third dimension by visually representing the apparent diminishing of an object’s scale as the distance from the viewer increases. There are several ways […]

demo reels animation

A few tips on how to show yourself off… If you don’t know what a demo reel is, you might be studying in the wrong field. The demo reel is your selling point in the industry. It is a showcase of your skills, experience and expertise in order to entice a potential employer. This means […]

colour theory in design and animation brisbane

Additive and Subtractive Colours Colour theory is the notion which creates a logical structure for colour. Sir Isaac Newton began colour theory back in the 1600’s when he first uncovered an understanding of the rainbow and its structure. Ever since this discovery, many others have further developed colour theory. An understanding of colour theory can […]

games design and animation gold coast

A small tribute to Ralph Baer In the beginning there was Pong, or was there? Ask people when and who began the age of video games not many will be able to answer. Most will only remember the old Pong game. This game of course was first designed by none other than a TV engineer […]